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David Hutchens Speaks on Organizations...
and the People Who Make Them Work.

Invite David Hutchens to bring energy and insight to your next corporate event! As an award-winning copywriter, David memorably applies principles of advertising communication to the realm of business theory. As a speaker, David has delivered presentations and keynote speeches to groups as small as 10 and as large as 2,000.

His presentations on practices of the Learning Organization are crisp, lively... and make the sometimes difficult body of theory easy to understand by every member of your organization. Best of all, participants will leaving saying "now I know what I can do differently!"

Contact David today to learn more about the presentations described below, and how they can be configured to your unique needs.

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Telling Stories:
The Power of Narrative and Metaphor
in Organizational Change

In 1998, David Hutchens introduced a series of books called The Learning Fables. They presented different aspects of organizational learning through story telling, humor and even (gasp) talking animals. Admittedly, a somewhat irreverent approach for the staid world of business publishing. But the response was phenomenal. Now, many tens of thousands of copies later, the books have been translated into multiple languages and have been the catalyst for change in organizations all over the world.

So... how did this happen? How did this silly approach pack such a powerful punch? These questions took Hutchens deep into the heart of story theory.

By cultivating an awareness of how stories, narrative and metaphor create shared meaning, anyone can access a high-leverage tool for change. This program is highly practical, engaging... and a great deal of fun.

Specifically, the audience will gain:

  • An awareness of why stories and metaphors are so powerful... and how they influence the ways we experience our world.
  • Different forms of stories and metaphors, and how they can be applied in organizations.
  • Five simple principles for selecting, developing and communicating stories in a focused, strategic way.

This presentation can be customized to the areas of:

  • Change
  • Leadership and innovation
  • The practice of the Learning Organization
  • Learning design

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Outlearning the Wolves:
Creating a Living, Learning Organization

What does it mean to be part of an organization that learns? How can we look to the emerging fields of complexity and chaos theory to find meaningful actions we can take in our organizations? This topic may initially sound difficult -- but participants will find the ideas to be exciting, practical and even liberating. Specifically, participants will gain:

  • A working knowledge of complexity theory, and a recognition of why it is important to the learning organization.
  • An appreciation for now systems grow naturally... without having to push, shove, kick or scream.
  • Six specific strategies for letting go of the "command and control" mind set and embracing behaviors for change that are refreshingly effective.
  • An empowering awareness of their enormous influence in the organization, regardless of their role or position.

This presentation can be customized to the areas of:

  • Leadership and management
  • Change
  • Teams

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Shadows of the Neanderthal:
A Personal Journey through Mental Models

Why do we see things differently?

Think about it. We all live in the same world and see the same data. And yet, we come to very different conclusions and belief systems in our organizations. The result? Factions. Polarization. Misunderstanding.

The theory of mental models takes a look at this phenomenon as a function of perception. In this moving presentation, David Hutchens invites participants to take a peek at their own assumptions and beliefs. Then, by exploring the powerful Ladder of Inference model, they discover a whole new way to think, communicate and understand others.

The promise for organizations who choose to explore their mental models is compelling: New innovation. Deepened synergy. More fulfilling work. This presentation is a favorite among conference goers. Discover the power for your organization today.

Specifically, participants will gain:

  • A heightened awareness of their own mental processes, and how they form hidden assumptions, beliefs and conclusions.
  • A fascinating introduction to the cognitive sciences... and a practical look at why it is important to organizations.
  • A working understanding of the Ladder of Influence model, and the ability to trace their own thinking "up the ladder."

This presentation can be customized to the areas of:

  • Diversity
  • Team communication
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Change
  • Corporate mergers (two cultures becoming one)

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The Lemming Dilemma:
Creating, and the Path to Innovation

What is it you wish to create?

It's a simple question. And yet it goes to the very heart of innovation, leadership and personal mastery. In this presentation, participants are invited to reflect on their own experiences with creating. Then they'll consider the subject in a new light, through the lenses of purpose and vision.

This is not your traditional "creativity workshop," full of techniques for producing novelty. Rather, it challenges participants to approach creating as a life orientation. Organizations that enable their members to tap into this source of personal mastery discover a rich wellspring of innovation and leadership.

Specifically, the audience will:

  • Explore the subject of creating, and understand the critical roles of purpose and vision as a path to sustained creativity.
  • Understand the creative tension model, and learn to leverage it in their own experiences of creating.
  • Begin the lifelong process of reflecting on their own individual purposes, and clarifying their own compelling visions.

This presentation can be customized to the areas of:

  • Creativity and innovation
  • Team building (role clarity, team vision)
  • Creating culture of leadership
  • Sustainable change


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"What a bright, articulate young man! I look for him to be a growing resource in systems circles. David is very cerebral and quite wonderful."

"I heard David Hutchens speak several years ago. I still can't get his message out of my head. And his was the single most effective use of PowerPoint I have ever seen."

"[I got] more than just some good ideas. I got a whole new perspective on my work and my organization."

"Hutchens was great! His presentation was absolutely relevant, and what I needed at this time for my own work."

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